One of the many advantages that Fit You Meals offers is the variety of the menu; which rotates every week and adds at least two new options to pick from.  However, we’ve been asked by many clients, what we recommend in order to receive a perfect week of meals or to have a balanced diet taking in consideration the many options we offer from the traditional, paleo and vegetarian menu.

The way I personally select the meals for the week is by going through every product and checking the ingredient list to make sure I like every ingredient in the list, other clients find this area helpful to avoid any ingredient that might cause them an allergic reaction. Then I check each meal to see if I would like to customize them. For example, if by coincidence two out of three meals I want to order have the same side, I use the customization part of the item to change the side of one meal so that all of my meals have a different side. By making sure I receive a different side with each meal, I guarantee a balanced week worth of meals.


I have also noticed that thinking about what I would prefer to eat for dinner or lunch makes a difference in my ordering process. For instance, if I am selecting a product from the traditional menu intended to be consumed for dinner that contains a carbohydrate, I take advantage again of the customization part of the item to make sure I change the side to be only vegetables. The end result being a lean protein with lots of veggies easy for my body to digest overnight. For lunch I am happy to get my complex carbohydrates with the meal along the veggies, complex carbohydrates are also important for the proper functioning of the body and to believe it or not…lose weight! 🙂  So I give to my body the much needed complex carbs during lunchtime so that it has plenty of active time to digest them properly.

I also take advantage of the healthy snacks we offer; since we rotate them weekly and we use super foods and healthy ingredients, I see them as my healthy yummy escape that does not make feel guilty at all. Our snacks are perfect to eat in between our meals. However, even though they are made with healthy and good ingredients I only recommend getting a couple of them a week and use other snacks for dietary balance. A recommendation would be fruit, a Bruks Bar, a protein shake or a smoothie.

Nobaje cookies

Meal prep is super important to keep dietary goals as well as to have a balanced diet, we are so proud to help many families ( see by the pound options) and individuals have a healthy diet with our meals.  …